Public Safety Consultation

How prepared is your organization to deal with a disaster? Creating and having a plan in place will protect both your business and your employees.

The world we live in today requires a proactive, practical approach to “All Hazards” planning and response.  The safety of our schools and workplace is a pillar of American Culture.  We can no longer afford the luxury of the “it will never happen here” attitude”.  The real challenge is to provide a safe sanctuary while maintaining a comfortable environment vital to learning, working and growing.  New Perspectives, Inc. in association with SSC ( provides a no-nonsense approach to Public Safety Planning, Response and Recovery. Our staff provides a diverse expertise in their respective fields of emergency services, law enforcement, education, incident management, communications and mental health.

Services include:

  • Safe Schools and Safe Workplace Planning and Training
  • Police and Emergency Services Tactical Incident Response
  • Public Safety Project Management
  • Crisis Management and Critical Incident Stress Management