Child Therapy

Is your child having developmental challenges either emotional or behavioral? Perhaps it’s related to a recent event – new marriage, divorce, or death of a loved one. Therapy can help them work through these challenges, acknowledge their feelings and develop healthy ways of processing and coping with change.

Is child or teen therapy right for your family?

Is your child or teen depressed or anxious? Does your child or teen have ADD or ADHD, and are you unsure how to help her or him cope? Are you concerned about school performance, social shyness, or technology addiction? Maybe you’re worried as a parent that you don’t know how to respond to some of these and other behaviors and are looking for help to chart a way forward.

Many parents feel the same way you do.

We live in a stressful time. We all want healthy and happy families, but we’re all so busy that it can feel harder and harder to connect and reconnect with one another. Technology can distract and place psychological demands on us as individuals and on our whole families. Feelings of anxiety and depression, sometimes genetic and other times more due to plain old stressful circumstances, can make life feel so much harder than it needs to. Millions of children, teens, and parents struggle everyday. You’re nowhere near being alone with these challenges you and your family face.

Child and teen therapy may make a difference.

For over 30 years, I’ve worked with children, teens, and parents to help improve self-understanding and self-acceptance, communication, and individual and family unit togetherness. The process for healing starts by developing awareness of our own feelings and creating points of mutual understanding that enable us to move forward.I work one-on-one with children, teens, and parents and also as a counselor for the family as a whole. I also offer occasional group sessions to help families who would like to share with one another. I have found that by working together with a qualified psychotherapist, children and their parents may yield breakthroughs in their own individual self-esteems and self-knowledge and collective understanding that many of the most worrisome issues resolve themselves.

If you would like to learn more about how child and teen therapy can help your loved ones, please call or email us today, and I would be happy to speak with you soon.

Therapy seems expensive, and I am not sure it will make a difference.

I focus on long-term solutions that lead children, teens, and parents to modify their behaviors independently and create to more satisfying and fulfilling lives. Child and adolescent therapy is an intervention, helping children and their families prevent years of unnecessary future emotional trauma. Child and teen therapy is an investment in the health of your family.

Every child, teen, and parent is different, but the techniques and processes developed from my 30 years of psychotherapy experience have helped families chart a healthy path forward.

You can help your child be happy and succeed.

Do you ask yourself what else you can do for your child? Are you unsure what methods other parents like you have used to cope effectively? If you have these questions or others about child or teen therapy, please call or email me and we’ll talk about your concerns.

But maybe you’re still unsure about asking help.

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